The Hawaii VA Loans 2018 VA Homebuyer’s Guide is available HERE!

Beginning in 2008, we’ve published the VA Homebuyer’s Guide annually to reflect the most up-to-date VA loan data both nationally, and as it pertains to home buying in the state of Hawaii.

Why should you get the VA Homebuyer’s Guide?

Throughout its 20 pages, you’ll discover:

The VA Homebuyer’s Guide is among the very first steps that customers can take to becoming Hawaii homeowners. It is truly the launching point for making your VA loan benefits work for you!

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Established in 2007, Hawaii VA Loans is the longest running, VA loan specialized lender in Hawaii. Our pace has longevity, because we’re customer-focused from start to finish. Every day, we work to simplify the VA loan process for you – our hardworking servicemembers and brave veterans.

Furthermore, our company’s goal is to provide VA loan home buying information that is easily accessible from wherever you may be – whether you’re on island, on the mainland or on deployment. So, after you get the guide, be sure to check out the Hawaii VA Loans Blog and the Video Hub for even more VA home buying knowledge!

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