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Why VA Loans? Here’s a Few Good Reasons.


No Down Payment Required

VA Loans are one of the very few loan programs that allow you to borrower 100% of the home’s purchase price. Most programs require a minimum of 3.5% - 10% down payment to qualify for financing.


No Mortgage Insurance Required

Without at least a 20% down payment, all other home loan programs require the borrower to pay mortgage insurance. This insurance doesn’t protect the borrower, rather insures the lender in case of mortgage default.


Reduced Closing Costs

Nobody likes paying closing costs. Fortunately for veterans, a good portion of these costs are waived. On average, a VA buyer can save anywhere from $1500 - $2000 in closing costs compared to using other loan programs.


Flexible Qualifying Guidelines

The goal of the VA program is to make it easier for a veteran to become a homeowner. With this in mind, the typical barriers to homeownership are dramatically reduced with a VA Loan.

Those who don’t qualify for other loan programs are more likely to be eligible for a VA Loan.


Great Loan Amounts

For 2015, the maximum VA Loan amount, with no down payment is $721,050 for Oahu, $713,000 for Kauai, $658,700 for Maui, Lanai, Molokai and $625,500 for Hawaii Island.

In addition, you may qualify for a VA Loan amount up to $1,500,000 if you are willing to make a relatively small down payment.


Easy, Low Cost Refinancing

As a VA mortgage holder, you may automatically qualify for a Streamline Refinance, also know as the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL).

With this streamlined process, there is less paperwork involved and the cost to refinance your home is significantly reduced.

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