In this episode of True VA Loan Story, a hardworking housekeeper and her husband are working with a popular national lender to purchase an Oahu home using their VA home loan benefits. As one can imagine, their excitement at becoming Hawaii homeowners is palpable, and just within reach.

However, it’s two weeks before closing and suddenly, the national lender informs them that they CANNOT do the loan. Why? Because it’s a “site condo,” they say. Then, the national lender CANCELS the home appraisal

Is there anyone they can turn to for help? Will they be able to resuscitate their Hawaii home buying dream or will it forever be buried under a pile of canceled loans somewhere on the mainland?

Don’t worry, because fate intervenes! The housekeeper and her husband personally know a VA Loan Specialist who works for the longest-running VA loan specialized lender in Hawaii: Hawaii VA Loans! The dashing VA Loan Specialist offers his assistance. He researches the status of the site condo for the couple and quickly finds out that it is actually APPROVED!!!

As you can ascertain from this story, there is a stark contrast between the work of the national lender versus the work of Hawaii VA Loans – your local VA loan lender. Indeed, the canceled appraisal by the national lender could have been avoided. How? Through dedication to their buyer and RESEARCH. In the end, Hawaii VA Loans saves the home buying day for the hardworking housekeeper and her husband.

Let us help you, too, BEFORE your home buying goals are put into jeopardy by a national lender. Contact us today.

*The above story is based on a true life circumstance as experienced by a Hawaii VA Loans team member.