The Hawaii home buying process is a unique endeavor. Therefore, we believe that using an established local lender like Hawaii VA Loans is one of the best choices a military or veteran home buyer can make. Here are five important reasons why working with a local lender (versus a mainland or national lender) is simply better.


  1. Familiarity. Hawaii’s properties differ greatly due to our limited space and irregular topography. From condominiums that have special rules, properties with renovations and additions to accommodate multi-generational living, lots that have been divided to create multiple homes with condo-type covenants, and developments with zoning variations – these situations all have nuanced laws in which local lenders are well experienced.

  1. Network. Local lenders have local contacts to help with issues that may arise. Occasionally, a transaction may need third party action or clarification with the local VA, building permit offices, home inspectors, and contractors. Your local lender is familiar with the key people needed to solve problems and reach solutions.

  1. Market savvy. Local lenders are familiar with local home values and neighborhoods. Hawaii has small pockets of homes that can make an appraiser’s job difficult when there is a lack of comparable sales information. However, local lenders are more likely to help identify and suggest other comparable sales in similar, surrounding neighborhoods. With that kind of market-knowledge, the value of the home can come in and the VA loan buyers can complete their purchase.

  1. Nice to meet you!  A home buyer can sit down with their VA loan specialist and establish that personal connection. There’s nothing like meeting face to face to build trust and understanding between people and have your questions answered.

  1. Personal reputation. There is a name for how fast word travels here: it’s called the “coconut wireless.”  Hawaii is a small place and everyone seems to know each other. To be successful, a local lender must uphold his or her reputation within the groups they serve and within the small, local realtor community. Therefore, you’re working with someone who is mindful of ethics and standards at all times.

Now that we’ve given you the top five reasons why choosing a local lender is best, here is a bonus number six.

  1. Your local Hawaii VA Loan specialist will be able to tell you the best places to eat, swim, and surf or direct you to another specialist who can!

To see how much you can qualify for with a VA Loan, fill out this online application.  We hope to see you soon.