Update: As of August 9, 2019, the VA Funding Fees have been changed. See the updated funding fee table and more information here: https://hawaiivaloans.com/va-funding-fee/


A few months ago we announced there were going to be reductions to the VA Funding Fees for each VA loan scenario. Then, just before the changes were set to take effect, Washington (not the VA) enacted a law to revert the VA Funding Fee to the previous level.

Lowered Again, then Raised Again

Some lucky borrowers closed within the few day window in which the lowered fees had taken effect. Temporary legislation changed the fees back to the higher levels for about a month. Guess what? That legislation expired and fees went back down again for a few days…before reverting back up once again.

And Finally…

Unfortunately, the dust has now settled and fees are once again back to the levels that they have been for the last few years. We do not anticipate any new changes coming soon. Of course, the last announcements were a surprise as well. So, we?ll keep you posted, but for now, it?s business as usual.

Here are the fees:

Note: First Time Use (Active Duty ? National Guard & Reserves add 0.25%)

  • No Down Payment: 2.15%
  • 5% – 9.99% Down: 1.50%
  • 10% Down or More: 1.25%

Subsequent Use

    • Less than 5% down, Active Duty & Guard/Reserves: 3.30%
  • With 5% down or more, the first time use rates apply