In 2010, less than three years since starting Hawaii VA Loans, we felt it was important to establish our company’s core values to help guide our organization and attract the type of team members we wanted. We came up with a total of nine core values that you can still find listed HERE.

Our ninth and final core value is “We are all connected.” The founders of Hawaii VA Loans, who were born and raised in Hawaii, felt that this last core value was critical, to sum up their feelings of growing up in a state that is a melting pot of nationalities and ethnicities. It embodied the spirit and the power behind supporting each other within a community.

When a community is together, we support one another, when someone is down, we pick up each other, and together, we can be resilient through any hardship or storm we face. Hawaii VA Loans is proud to support every veteran, regardless of where they are from or the color of their skin. There is no place for racism in our country and Hawaii VA Loans will always stand on the side of unity and inclusivity.


The Hawaii VA Loans Team