Often times, the word “process” can denote actions that are a bit arduous and lengthy in one’s mind, and we get that! You’ve worked hard and sacrificed so much in order to earn your VA loan benefits, and that’s why we separate the VA loan process into two parts. By doing so, it simplifies and organizes the steps. It also works as a reference tool for you, so that you can gauge how close you are toward officially buying a home with your VA loan in Hawaii!


  • PART ONE of the VA loan process is pre-escrow. It starts with VA loan pre-approval and continues until the start of escrow (when you’ve made an exciting offer on a home and it has been accepted).
  • PART TWO of the VA loan process involves the escrow process and ends with loan funding and recordation (and the keys to your new home).

Remember, your VA Loan Specialist and real estate agent will be right alongside of you to help guide you through all of these steps, so sit back and get a little more familiar with what will be going on in the world of home buying and VA home loan funding.

We promise that with us, you’ll find the VA process to be much easier than expected. Take it from our happy clients who are now Hawaii homeowners!

The VA Loan Process: Part 1

Step 1 | Get Pre-Approved

It is always recommended to first get Pre-Approved from a VA approved lender before you start searching for a new home. This process starts with a 15 minute phone call to get you prequalified over the phone. Then we’ll need to verify the following documents:

  • Most recent LES or Pay Stubs (one month)
  • Last 2 years W2 statements
  • Last 2 years Federal Tax Returns
  • Last 2 months Bank Statements

We’ll also help you obtain your Certificate of Eligibility. Once you have this paperwork ready, contact a VA Loan Specialist or fill out our VA Loan Request form. A VA Loan Specialist will determine how much you qualify for along with your estimated monthly payments.

Step 2 | Contact a Home Specialist

If you are already working with a real estate agent – great! If you don’t already have a real estate agent, no problem. We work with many agents who have prior experience with VA buyers and VA transactions. We’d be happy to refer you to one!

Step 3 | Narrow Down List of Properties

Based on the loan prequalification amount, your VA Home Specialist will email you a list of properties that fit your specific criteria. From that list, you’ll need to narrow it down to a select few in order for your agent to schedule a showing with the seller’s agent.

Keep in mind that not all condominiums are eligible for VA financing, so if you are thinking of purchasing a condo, use our Condo Check Tool to see if particular condos are approved for VA financing.

Step 4 | View Properties

Once you have narrowed down the list, it’s time to see the properties for yourself. This is where you can really decide which home will be the best fit for you and your family. Remember, pictures don’t tell the whole story. Take a look at a property in person before submitting an offer to purchase.

Step 5 | Submit Your Offer

When you’ve decided which house you would like to purchase, your VA Home Specialist will draft up an offer accompanied by a prequalification letter from your VA Loan Specialist.

Step 6 | Start Escrow

Your offer is accepted! Next stop, head over to your escrow company and submit your check for your initial deposit (a minimum of $1,000) to make it official.

That’s it for The VA Loan Process: Part One. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 808-792-4251. As your local Hawaii VA loan lender, we look forward to helping you become a homeowner.