To everything, there is a season. Pre-coronavirus, the peak Permanent Change of Station (PCS) season for active duty military was mid-May through the end of August. However, with the stop-movement order issued by Secretary Esper back in March, military orders and household moves have been backlogged, and there are labor shortages within moving companies (source: Military Times).

As military moves pick back up, the U.S. Transportation Command has extended its “peak season” rates to November 15th.

Peak season rates offer moving companies more money for taking on Department of Defense moves.

Statistically speaking, from May 15 to mid-June, military movers picked up 15,302 household goods as compared to the 86,843 household goods done in the same time period in 2019 – an 82% decrease (source: The Military Times).

Hawaii is currently one of the 39 states that had travel restrictions lifted by the DoD in early June.

However, even as moves pick back up, 100% timely PCS moves for military members are not guaranteed as conditions for their move must also be assessed at their designated military installation. Moreover, service members PCSing to Hawaii or any location are subject to the changing state conditions with COVID-19 and its affect on moving company crews. Simply put, a quick summer move is not in the cards for military families this year.

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