Hawaii VA Loans is proud to partner with Wastewater Alternatives & Innovations (WAI) and the Eljen Corporation for the VETERANS FOR WAI GIVEAWAY in honor of Veterans Day, November 11, 2020!

The Prize

The prize will be a Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) system – worth up to $10,000 – give to a Hawaii Veteran homeowner who needs a cesspool upgrade in accordance with the State of Hawaii Act 125. The act mandates the upgrade of all cesspools in Hawaii by 2050, and WAI wants to help veterans get a head start on this conversion!



Great Benefits of the Eljen GSF System & Installation Assistance

A global leader in providing innovative products and solutions for protecting our environment and public health since 1970, Eljen Corporation will donate one (1) Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) system not to exceed a value of $10,000.00 to the qualified winner of the Giveaway, as determined by WAI in accordance with their Giveaway Rules.

Their donation will also include on-site installation assistance from a licensed, qualified Eljen Technician and will be limited to the GSF system and the technician’s assistance. It will not include engineering, aggregate, labor and installation. 

Eljen is a Veteran Founded and Veteran Managed organization who is proud to give back to the community.

According to The Septic Store, the highlights of the GSF system are:

  • Tested and Certified by NSF to NSF Standard 40
  • Pre-treats effluent (liquid waster) with a two-stage Bio-Matt™ process
  • Greater long-term performance
  • Requires a smaller installation area than traditional systems
  • Patented products and technology
  • No stone required
  • Lower site impact
  • Lightweight and easy to handle and install

The Facts Behind Act 125

The Department of Health Wastewater Branch reports that there are 88,000 cesspools in Hawaii, and these are basically just holes in the ground that dispose of human waste. They pose a risk to our water sources by releasing 53 gallons of UNTREATED sewage into the ground each day.

Where are the cesspools located?

  • 50,000 located on the Big Island
  • almost 14,000 on Kauai
  • over  12,000 on Maui
  • over 11,000 on Oahu
  • over 1,400 on Molokai

43,000 of these affect the quality of water sources, especially the following:

  • 6,700 cesspools are within 200 feet of a perennial stream channel throughout the state.
  • Approximately 31,000 cesspools are within the perennial watersheds on the islands of Hawai`i, Kauai, Maui, and  Molokai.

There’s no denying that these cesspools give rise to a negative impact on the quality of our drinking water and general water quality, the health of Hawaii’s reefs, and the overall health of Hawaii’s residents and visitors. 

Act 125 was passed in 2017 to help solve these health risks caused by the existence of cesspools by mandating the upgrade / replacement of all cesspools by 2050. The DOH provided the legislature a Report that prioritized the areas of greatest need for action.

It’s Your Chance to Lead the Way with the WAI Giveaway!

Veteran homeowners can lead the way and help protect our water resources by replacing their cesspools with innovative wastewater treatment technology like Eljen’s GSF system.

The military community is well-known for having high standards. Thus, many veteran homeowners with cesspools would want to be at the forefront of upgrading to the healthiest and best solutions in wastewater treatment for their ohana and community.

“At WAI, we are dedicated to protecting our watersheds and reducing sewage pollution by offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions to wastewater management,” says Stuart Coleman, WAI’s Executive Director & Co-Founder. “In honor of Veterans Day, we are excited to work with Hawaii VA Loans and the Eljen Corporation, which is owned and operated by veterans.  Our goal is  to assist those homeowners who have served our country by helping to replace their wastewater system, while also protecting our valuable water sources.”

Make sure to ENTER FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN by December 1st or share this post with a Hawaii veteran homeowner you know!

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