When we first launched our VA Condo Eligiblity Check tool almost 3 years ago, it was out of sheer frustration that the official VA condo check tool was somewhat ‘clunky’ and at times, very difficult to use. ?We thought that there should be an easier and more efficient way to access this important information, so we decided to build our own tool that using the same information provided by VA.

The result was great – we’ve noticed that our VA Condo Eligibility Check Tool page is our most visited webpage outside of our homepage. ?Obviously Veterans and Real Estate agents find the value in our tool – which is exactly why we built it.

What we found though is that in order to make sure our data is accurate, we had to manually scrub and update our database of condos with the VA’s list. ?This proved to be a very time-intensive task and we’ve noticed that we couldn’t get our information updated as often as we wanted.

The Solution

With help from a very talented web developer, we have now revamped our Condo Check Tool to automatically update from the VA database once a week! ?Now you can be assured that the data populated from our tool is no older than 7 days. ?In addition, we’ve also included a Date Stamp on the results portion showing the exact date the info was updated.

Hope that this gives our Veteran home buyers and Real Estate agents out there peace of mind that they are getting the most accurate information when it comes to determining VA eligibility for a particular condo.