Hello Gabe,

It’s been two months since you helped us obtain a new VA home loan that enabled us to save money with a reduced interest percentage rate from 6.25 to 5.75! In the two months we have saved hundreds of dollars giving us a peace of mind, knowing that we truly did the right thing by refinancing our original VA home loan. You especially helped during the transition by answering the many questions that we had and doing additional work in order to make the transaction happen and we greatly appreciate all the work you did! We will be recommending you to others that we know who can benefit from your great professionalism, expert knowledge, and helpful attitude.Much mahalo for all you do!
Captain Matthew and Kristy Curtin

Delicia & Kevin White

My husband and I recently located from Hawaii to Georgia but were unable to sell our property because we owed more than what the home was now worth. Kevin and I decided to rent the property, but unfortunately we could not find a renter that could cover our entire mortgage. We contacted Hawaii VA Loans to see what we could do to lower the monthly payments & Gabe Amey, the Branch Manager & VA Loan Specialist advised us that we could participate in a VA Streamline Refinance to lower our interest rates. Gabe explained that since a streamline refinance does not require an appraisal, our home value was not an issue.

During the refinance, Gabe notified us that my credit report showed a recent car repossession that could prevent us from getting our loan approved. The car loan was from a previous marriage . I had co-signed on a car for my ex-husband roughly 10 years ago. Gabe was extremely helpful in this matter, he contacted the creditor, requested an updated balance statement from them and then helped us write a letter of explanation to the underwriter explaining the circumstances.

Through out this process Gabe succeeded in getting our loan approved and helped us lower interest rate and mortgage payment. We are now now saving $167 per month on our mortgage payment which gives us an additional $2,000 a year in savings. We are grateful for the help of Gabe Amey and the Hawaii VA Loans team. Not only did they help us lower our mortgage, the entire staff was friendly and professional and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get VA Financing!

Delicia & Kevin White