When I first spoke with Kelly over the phone back in April, you could just tell that she was very excited about being a first-time homebuyer, yet at the same time a little intimidated by the monumental task of buying a home, qualifying for a mortgage and getting approved even before she even reached the islands.

Well, roughly 3 months later, Kelly is now an official homeowner in a beautiful oceanfront condo, thanks in part to utilizing her VA loan benefits.  It was a sincere pleasure working with Kelly and her agent, Pat Reilly of East Oahu Realty on her purchase transaction.  I do look forward to finally meeting her in person, and we wish her the all the best as she pursues her law degree while living in paradise!

I am a first time home buyer and just recently moved into my first home that is a dream come true!  While I knew I wanted to purchase a home prior to my move to Hawaii I was unable to leave the mainland during the process.  I was nervous and not exactly sure how it would all work.  I looked into several banks and loan companies until I found Gabe Amey.  As soon as I spoke with him on the phone, I knew that he was the person I wanted to work with.

At first Gabe gathered all of my information and led me in the right direction.  He explained all of my options and what I could expect to happen.  When I finally found my dream home, it was Gabe that provided a pre-approval letter and convinced the sellers that I was financially sound to purchase the home.  During the next 2 months Gabe was at my disposal 24 hours a day (except of course the 6 hours he took off to get married).

Not only was Gabe incredibly professional and competent but he was a true delight to work with and learn from.  I am now in my dream house on the ocean in Hawaii and it is all thanks to Gabe and my wonderful realtors.  For anyone looking to purchase a home in Hawaii I cannot say enough wonderful things about Gabe.   Thank you again!! ~Kelly