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Kokua Credits Program

This program helps veterans and
active-duty personnel buy a home with
zero out-of-pocket costs!

Kokua Credits Example

Credits can be used to pay buyer's closing costs, buy down interest rate or even pay off personal debt.

Purchase Price $800,000
Loan Amount $818,722*
Seller Credit $3,000
Agent Credit $1,000
Hawaii VA Loans Credit $4,000
Total Credit To Buyers! $8,000
*(including VA Funding Fee)

Obtain a credit from your agent and/or home seller

Real estate agents and home sellers often provide a monetary credit to buyers to help make the purchase process easier and more affordable. Ask your real estate agent about obtaining help with covering closing costs.

Hawaii VA Loans will match that credit!

If so, Hawaii VA Loans will match* the amount of credit provided by your agent and/or the seller, essentially doubling your overall credit!

*Credit is maxed to .5% of loan amount.

Total these credits and see what happens!

The combined credits from your agent, home seller and Hawaii VA Loans can pay off all your closing costs. If you have more credits than closing costs, you can use the excess credits to buy down your interest rate or even pay off personal debt (like credit cards).

For Veterans

Take 5 minutes to get prequalified and take advantage of our Kokua Credits program.

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For Real Estate Agents

Contact us and we can get your buyer pre-approved with our Kokuka Credits program.

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