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Mallory Gates

Loan Processor

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Mallory comes to Hawaii VA Loans with ten years of experience in the mortgage industry. Her prior professional positions include those as a Loan Officer at Marine Federal Credit Union and at EECU Credit Union where she became a Top Producer for several years. Prior to joining Hawaii VA Loans, Mallory was a Loan Servicing Associate with Hawaii State Federal Credit Union.

One of Mallory’s proudest career accomplishments involved helping a widowed spouse at EECU. The customer was worried about how to take care of her deceased husband’s loan accounts since, unfortunately, he did not have life insurance on them. Mallory solved the issue and eased her customer’s stress by using their property to do an HELOC debt consolidation, therefore giving the widowed spouse one affordable payment.

As a Production Assistant on the Hawaii VA Loans team, Mallory has first-hand familiarity with the VA loan process. She and her husband (a U.S. Marine) have purchased their own homes using the VA loan program. Her understanding of the VA home buying process and her formidable background in lending make Mallory a strong deliverer of the Hawaii VA Loans mission to our service members and veterans.

Mallory also holds the job of being a mother to two young boys! In her free time, she enjoys swimming, going to movies, and eating Mexican food. Fall happens to be her favorite time of year.

Interesting Fact About Mallory:

Since having her youngest child, working out and living a healthier lifestyle have become extremely important to her. Way to go, Mallory!

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