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Kristi Sardinha

VA Loan SpecialistNMLS: 1705874

C: 808-927-1285

A team player, a great communicator, and an experienced manager: these are just a few of the qualities that describe Kristi Sardinha. Prior to joining Hawaii VA Loans, Kristi worked as a Relationship Banker at Bank of Hawaii where she earned “Top Teller” for five quarters and “Top Producer” among tellers for a year and a half. Furthermore, she has garnered over a decade of experience in both the financial and customer service industries.

Kristi’s high-level, customer-oriented approach to business has enabled her to help individuals in financial situations where obstacles and challenges can seem overwhelming. Yet, Kristi’s willingness to go the extra mile for her customers is a testament to how much she cares. One example of her determination occurred when Kristi helped a widow, who just lost her husband, get her own credit card. The widow had been declined in her own attempts when she came to Kristi for help. Immediately taking action, Kristi called the credit card company with the widow sitting next to her. After explaining the widow’s troublesome situation to the company, she was able to get the widow approved!

Moreover, Kristi values teamwork in both her professional and personal life. As a busy mother of three, a coach for her daughter’s club soccer team, and a member of a very large family, she truly understands that when you work together, tasks get completed much easier! In her spare time, Kristi enjoys playing soccer in a local women’s league, taking her children to their sports practices and games, and getting together with her big family for dinner and gatherings.

An Interesting Fact About Kristi:

She was born and raised in Hawaii and attended Kamehameha Schools, yet she does not enjoy seafood or Hawaiian food!

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