Our experience with Hawaii VA Loans was great. We met with a VA Loan Specialist, who talked us through the entire home-buying process in words we could actually understand. He set us up with a realtor who really met all our needs as a young, growing family buying a home for the first time. After every house we were interested our realtor as well as us would contact our VA Loan Specialist about putting in offers me basically breaking down any information we had in regards to possibly purchasing and owning the house we were interested in. Brad, our VA Loan Specialist, was just so convenient to get into contact with. He worked around our schedules and was always so supportive throughout the entire process. Once an offer was accepted and we really got into the home-buying process our experience only got better. We were always informed of anything we were signing, everything ran smoothly and before we knew it we were singing for our home and receiving the keys less than a week later!