My wife and I are well educated people. We researched everything and asked many questions. We received three (3) competitive loan pre-approvals and were ensured there would be no issue with any of them. We chose Hawaii VA Loans based entirely on Kit, our Loan Officer. He was extremely professional, timely, and proficient. Many times, he was asked to explain the entire buying process to include what we should be expecting from the other parties in this transaction. Ours was an especially difficult transaction because we bought both the condo and the leasehold meaning we had two escrows going at the same time and on one loan. Kit displayed uncanny ability to navigate the difficult process and was able to allay our fears and reassure my wife and I that everything was “good to go.” Throughout this process Kit made himself available at nearly all hours since we were out of state. After receiving an advance copy of the signing documents, prior to signing, Kit spent three hours on the phone with me reconciling the numbers and explaining the documents, which we’re extremely grateful. I could have gone with any of the three (3) loans, all were so close in numbers to make that issue irrelevant. Kit sealed the deal due to his personal attention to detail, constant updates, honesty, integrity and with kindness.