I feel so lucky to have meet Brad and have had him as my VA loan officer! My daughter and I attended the free seminar at Hawaii VA Loans and meet him there at the seminar! He has guided us through the entire process! I never dreamed that I would be able to accomplish this and become a homeowner! But with Brad’s expertise he guided me through and laid out a plan of what I needed to do to become one in the future!!! I know immediately that this is the Va loan officer I wanted to work with!I felt so comfortable with him, especially because he was a veteran himself and I could tell that he had veterans in his best interest and would only do the best for us! He was also so easy to talk to and communicate with which is so important!
Thank you Brad for the awesome service in helping me to become a sole homeowner and having my dream come true for myself and my family!
And also now again in refinancing our home! It was so wonderful to work with you and such an awesome experience the first time and now again 6 months later! You were so helpful and amazing getting us the rate you did!!!
Your expertise and timeliness was outstanding! Your professional help even during COVID was amazing!!! You got things done so quick and without flaw!!! You made the refinance process so easy especially during these times of social distancing!!! We appreciate everything you did for us and hope to work with you again in the future!
Not only did we gain our home, but also friendship for life! I will never forget everything you did for me and my family….Aloha!