When I first heard about Hawaii VA Loans I was a bit skeptical as there are businesses out there that try to take advantage of veterans. Out of curiosity I signed up for the VA Home Buying seminar and the seminar was completely pressure free. Hawaii VA Loans put the information out in an unbiased way and just the facts. There was no pressure to use them at all. After the brief they came and talked to everyone and asked if I was in the housing market and after I said no there was no pressure. About a month later my situation changed and I decided to enter the home buying market. I had a meeting with Brad Vilgos and he explained the entire process from start to finish, what to expect, time frames, and all costs and fees. He then asked what I was in the market for and tailored my loan pre-approval for that and that only. Once I found the house I wanted he was on it. Brad was tireless in keeping me updated on the status of my loan and what was going on and anytime anything was needed it was very quickly taken care of. Everything Brad told me about the process including my desires for the loan came to fruition. Throughout this entire process including the realtor he referred me to I was extremely impressed and happy with the service I was provided. I have already referred Brad to a friend who is also a veteran looking for a house. Hawaii VA Loans as a whole has been outstanding and I couldn’t ask for more! As a veteran I sincerely appreciate and thankful for those that want to help veterans. Thank you!!!