We would not have been able to purchase the property without Brenda…Hands down. From the beginning, before we even met…She was working hard and paving the way for us. She advised us to front load as much paperwork as possible…Lining everything up so she could secure the loan approval letter whenever we needed. Once we found a home, we needed to move quickly as it is a highly desirable property…Within 2 days of viewing the home, we were locked in and were under contract before any other potential buyers were even able to view the property. This is in no small part due to Brenda being able to demonstrate funding to the seller within minutes. The sellers ended up getting multiple backup offers on the property, all above asking price…Some offers sight-unseen. Had it not been for Brenda’s speed of motion and expertise, we would have given up precious bargaining time and lost the bid. Once under contract, she helped us to skillfully navigate the VA requirements…As the house has some unique characteristics (CPR regime/off-grid solar/water catchment/agriculture zoning, etc…). She worked with both our agent and the listing agent to make sure everyone was in concert, and that the end goal was to get us into a home…Even if that meant completing tasks not usually performed by the loan officer. We are first time homebuyers, and we will forever be grateful that Brenda was able to get us into a home that we will cherish for a long, long time. Thanks so much, Brenda. Truly.