Kit was amazing from start to finish! Our first conversation was filled with uncertainty due to my low credit but Kit reassured me that we can still be successful in buying our first home. He gave me some tips and advice to help build my credit and with his guidance, I was able to achieve the credit score needed to get approved for a loan in about 2 months. He would constantly follow up with me and gave me more tips as time went on which definitely gave me a sense of hope that things are going to work out in the end. Not only was he focused on the loan portion of the process but he wanted to make sure that my overall finances were headed to the right direction. He gave us constant reassurance through the process and got us where we need to be. Not only that, he was the reason why we were able to get $25K sellers concession to help out with our closing cost which was amazing! Overall, he embodies the definition of what a true professional is and we are very thankful for all the assistance that he’s given us!