Before coming to Hawaii, I did extensive research on the internet and found Hawaii VA Loans to be a valuable tool to understand VA loan process. Because their online service was spot on and the local real estate business was vastly different, I needed local experts who can quickly turn-around for my business needs, I decided to go with Brad Vilgos from Hawaii VA Loans and also asked for a real estate agent through Hawaii VA Loans – Joe Sillaman. From beginning to end, Brad and Joe were very attentive and thorough. Their communication skills were great. Their local market knowledge was extensive. I had to provide loads of documents but Brad streamlined them with so much help and explanations. Joe was very passionate and I could get help from day and night and arranged many appointments for my convenience. Without the two, I would have been overwhelmed by the first-time home buying experience. I must say “Big Thank You!” to Brad, Joe, and Hawaii VA Loans!