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Bob Crank

VA Loan SpecialistNMLS: 2017418

C: 314-974-9794

What do being a volleyball coach and a home loan officer have in common? Bob Crank can tell you! He dedicated almost 20 years of his life to coaching volleyball at the collegiate level and now enters the world of mortgage financing as a VA Loan Specialist with a proven history of information management (overseeing the loan process), leading teams (taking VA buyers to the paramount goal of homeownership), working under pressure (tackling loan challenges and timelines), and developing effective relationships with players and families (connecting and building rapport with VA loan customers). The links between the two jobs are many!

Even more, Bob comes to Hawaii VA Loans as a U.S. Army veteran having served as a Psychological Operations Team Chief while deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He takes immense pride in the trust and respect he has earned from those he has worked with throughout his career. He seeks to continue growing those same types of partnerships with Hawaii’s veterans and servicemembers on their path to homeownership.

Bob is a graduate of Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis with a B.S. in Sports Management and Sports Medicine. In between his career change from being a coach to a VA Loan Specialist, he spent several weeks hiking nearly 300 miles through the backcountry and mountains of New Zealand. He describes the endeavor as a “soul-scrubbing experience that energized me to carve out a new career path.” By all accounts, Bob is more than ready to serve Hawaii VA Loans customers as they take on the life-defining goal of homebuying.

In his free time, hiking is still Bob’s go-to activity, but he enjoys participating in all sports and is starting to learn and love all kinds of new water activities.

Interesting Fact About Bob:

While deployed, he kept a journal just for MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat). He knew exactly what came in every MRE by its menu number. So, he was the guy you wanted to talk to if you wanted a specific side item!

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